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Oct 19, 2008
I have an issue where the order the photo albums appear on my iPhone are different to that shown in iPhoto and iTunes. I ordered them the way I wanted in iPhoto, which is mirrored in iTunes. This is not the way they appear on the iPhone. I cannot figure out why they appear the way they do on the iPhone, as it does not appear to be by alphabet, number of photos, date of photos, or anything else I can think of - It seems purely random to me.
Here it is in iPhoto:

Here it is in iTunes:

And on the iPhone itself:

What's the story here? Thanks =D

Thanks again ;)


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Sep 2, 2008
Salt Lake City, UT
I have also always been wondering this. Why is is so difficult to order them correctly?

For most, maybe this isn't such a big deal but I'm a graphic artist and on my iPhone and iPad, i want to have them all ordered correctly so when I present them to clients, it looks nice and I can find exactly what I need.


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The same thing happens on my iPad, but only with one album. Apparently has something to do with the date that a photo was modified. My album (75 photos) is in date order on my Macbook, but has the last 25 taken appearing first in the iPad album. Makes showing them in a slide show not very useful.
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