Ordered at 3:15AM and still no Confirmation E-mail?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jbussiere, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. jbussiere macrumors member

    Dec 19, 2008

    I'm on a family plan with my parents still (cheaper to send them 25 bucks a month then be on my own plan). I'm eligible for an upgrade and so I ordered my iPhone right around 3:15am with my personal credit card (not the one used to pay the bill). I got a confirmation screen and a order number as well as the ACE number and what not. Is there anyone else out there that ordered right around 3am that STILL hasn't gotten any sort of email yet?

    Again, the order went through cause I have an ACE number and confirmation number and can see the status as "Order has been recieved and is processing", but I still don't have an email. Also, my phone line on my account is still showing as upgradeable?

    Anyone else in this category?
  2. chicagofan00 macrumors regular

    Apr 4, 2010
    Just in case, did you check your junk mail folder?

    In any regard you have the confirmation number and that is the main thing.
  3. jbussiere thread starter macrumors member

    Dec 19, 2008

    Hi there, yes I did that and it came up with my ACE number and the status as "order has been received and is processing". I'm just a little worried, b/c aren't people getting emails with like a 4 digit order number/confirmation code? In any rate, I called VZW rep and he said it was fine and should ship out either the 9th or 10th, but who knows if he knew what he was talking about. I'm just wondering if there is anyone else in my boat....

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