Ordered iMac 21" from eBay Now Locked- Need Help

Discussion in 'iMac' started by mjfarsi, Oct 23, 2014.

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    My name is Mehdi Farsi, co-founder of State Bicycle Co., I have been a member of this forum since 2005. The reason I am posting this is info is to remove doubt as to my identity and my intentions.

    In April I purchased around 10 iMacs for my company. A few days ago, one of my employees brought it to my attention that while he was working he got the message on a lock-screen that stated "Enter You Pin Code To Unlock This Mac" - "Please return this iMac to its rightful owner. This iMac is stolen property. Ship to: Jason *******************************"

    Took this in to Apple with proof of our receipts. They basically said they couldn't help us with anything short of wiping out the entire machine.

    We reached out to the seller on eBay and they told us to "ship it back to get it unlocked", we have also reached out the original owner Jason but haven't heard anything.

    Now we are in a bind. There is CRITICAL info I need off of the machine. I really don't care at all about the hardware, it can be replaced but I need the data in a pretty bad way.

    I'm running out of options so I am turning to the forums. If anyone know how we could get the data off that would be HUGE. I will continue to reach out to the mystery man "Jason". Frankly I don't trust the eBay seller and would not be comfortable sending him the machine without getting the data off of it first.

    Let me know if you can help. I know this can be a sensitive subject, so please PM me if you prefer. I really really really appreciate it. Reward provided if you can help us out!
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    Have fun disassembling it.
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    Not sure if this will work in your case, but worth a look

    I found this article.

    You might also want to report it to the police. Mail and wire fraud is a felony. You can show you bought the items in good faith.
    If those iMacs can be wiped remotely, you might want to disconnect from the network.


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