Ordered iPhone 4 using another number

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kujayhawk, Jun 16, 2010.

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    Jun 16, 2010
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    Alright, so my sister and I were eligible for iPhone upgrades, my dad was not.
    My sister didn't want the iPhone 4, he did. So I called AT&T and told them my plan to use my sister's discount pricing and extend her contact while actually giving the phone to my dad and letting it run on his number. They said everything was fine and all I had to do was take his sim card put it in the iphone 4 right out of the box and it would fine. Now, I just talked to apple and they aren't so sure about that because the iphone 4 will "know" what number it is assigned to when it ships and will have to be activated under her number first, then it will be okay to switch sim cards.

    Has anyone experienced this or know exactly what I will have to do? I'm tired of the vague answers AT&T keeps giving me and Apple keeps referring me to AT&T.
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    You can't swap SIMs cause the i4 uses micro-SIMs.

    I'm doing this with my moms number, my AT&T rep told me to call her and she could switch it over, the manager there said if I need to, come down and they could give me a mSIM for free and move the account over.

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