Ordered iphone - can i pick up 9/21?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mhuk01, Sep 13, 2014.

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    I've ordered an iphone 6 and it states delivery for pick up in store 9/19. Does anyone know if I can pickup 2 days later, on 9/21? I work on a ship and we won't get to the port until 9/21. I just hope they keep my iphone for me and don't sell it to someone else!
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    I was wondering the same thing....

    In my case I wondered if I came later I could avoid the worst of the crowds. I am also concerned about them selling to someone else because my card hasn't been charged/no hold on amount. It would give me peace if they charged my card because then I'd feel like it would be much harder for them to explain why the phone you ordered isn't there waiting for you.

    I picture them saying, "Sorry, there was a mix up but please accept our apologies and we have a nice space gray iPhone 6 16GB and a refund for the difference for you, unless you want to wait until November for your original choice".

    I ordered a 6+ 128GB in gold.

    I would like to wait until Sunday afternoon to pick it up unless I know for sure that whatever line I'm in will take 1.5 hours or less. I wonder how the lines work if you showed up way before store opening. How do they break up the two lines in an orderly fashion so that your relative position is maintained? For example, say you're 10th in the combined line but you would be second in the "Pick up" only line. How would they prevent people from just bumping themselves up to a higher position when the lines separate? As you can tell I really don't like waiting. I usually have my phone shipped but by the time the apple site came up it was 7-10 until shipped. I couldn't use the iOS app because I was adding a line.

    IF they would charge my credit card I would feel so much better...

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