Ordered Macbook Pro through work and wondering about upgrading

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by cookiesnfooty, Jun 12, 2015.

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    Hi guys,

    I got a Macbook Pro through work but I do not have to give it back, I spoke with the team who process the orders who advised I was going to receive the model just before the refresh but it seems I did get the model with ridiculous SSD speed and force touch.

    Now my question is work only offered the 256GB model, I was planning on ordering a replacement SSD which i've seen available online, now if I do that will I lose the speed of the current gen or is that controlled via the link speed rather than the SSD drive?

    Thanks, please excuse my poor grammar, i've not slept for days :(
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    As I understand it, the speed of the previous generation was ridiculously fast also, so unless you regularly move high amounts of data around the SSD, you're unlikely to notice the difference
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    The only way to upgrade the SSD on your own is to find one pulled from another machine on ebay. You can essentially consider it non-upgradable. The ones you saw online are for older (2012 and early 2013) machines and will no physically fit in your computer (wrong size and wrong connector).

    Buy what you need, you're stuck with whatever you got.

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