Ordered my first iPhone...few questions

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ericinboston, Sep 9, 2009.

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    Ok...so I just ordered my first iPhone today...16gig 3GS model. Super pysched to get it. A few questions:

    1)I have an older version of iTunes....7.x I think...yet the ATT rep told me I will need iTunes 9.x. I'm not a fan of upgrading things just for the heck of it. I use my iTunes only for mp3 management...no purchasing of anything, no videos...just managing my giant mp3 collection with my iPod Classic and Nano. Any tips or thoughts or concerns such as a)I WILL be forced to upgrade or b)if I do not upgrade, features X, Y, and Z are unavailable on the phone?

    2)Any particular built-in gadgets I should play with first and make me think the iPhone is the coolest device on the planet?

    3)Unless I am really convinced otherwise, I doubt I will buy more than a handful of apps. I am primarily going to use it as a phone (chose this because my Verizon contract long expired and my RAZR phone just died after 4 years)...as a web surfing device while near WIFI or maybe in the car on the ATT network...maybe lookup some restaurants...maybe use it as a GPS

    4)I could have sworn there are multiple ways to use the iPhone as a GPS...and that some methods are free, some are not. Any tips you can share?

    Thanks so much and am very excited to get it!

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    You are going to have to upgrade to iTunes 9 if you want the 3.1 iPhone firmware, however you will likely have to upgrade to at least iTunes 8.

    I use the built in Maps feature for GPS, it works fine for me, but others clearly are willing to pay a lot more.
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    1. Well the new 3.1 OS software requires at least iTunes 8 so you might as well just get the most recent version. The 3.1 OS page says that it requires iTunes 9, but many who were running the beta only had iTunes 8 until today.

    2. Depends on what floats your boat. Maps app is one that many go to first, Safari, etc.

    3. Once you start playing with some of the available apps, you might download more than you expect. There are some pretty handy free apps out there as well as $0.99 ones. iTunes 9 now lets you organize apps on pages which is also a nice feature, especially for those of us who got very tired or moving them around again after an upgrade or a restore.

    4. The Maps app is free and will be on the phone when you get it. No turn-by-turn but it does calculate routes that you can page through. Most turn-by-turn GPS apps have a cost or subscription cost associated with them.
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    Jailbreak the snot out of it.
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