Ordered myFIRST MAC! 24" 2GB 7600 GT. Yahooo.


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Sep 5, 2006
I have been waiting for this upgrade for months. I can hardly wait till I get it here in Canada. Ship 5-7 and another 5 for Fed Ex.
Once I get it I will be busy learning the OS and transferring all my data from the external drive I used to save all that data from windows.

Any suggestions for learning all the ins and outs or should I just use trial and error to muck around and see what I see?

Glad to be done with windows. Although I will use Boot Camp for some games.


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Oct 25, 2004
Congrats! :D
That's a nice Mac, too.

I like the mucking around approach, but there is a lot of useful stuff you'll miss, maybe for years, if you don't get info from somewhere.

I think you should start by mucking around but also get a well-reviewed Mac OS X book from Amazon (look for one that's been updated to 10.4), or from whereever, and look at it when you get stuck, what to know more about something, or whatever.

Anyway, welcome to the fold... ;)


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Oct 3, 2005
Nelson, BC. Canada
This has to have been asked somewhere on this forum before, but any idea whether the back of the new 24inch iMac is accessible?

There must be enough space inside the 24-inch for a second hard drive as well.