Oregon - Apple store stock and AT&T DF and my experience

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iFreQuency, Jul 17, 2008.

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    I first ordered my 8gb 3g iPhone on Saturday at 12:51 p.m at the wilsonville at&t store and was quoted the synonymous " 7 to 10 days" bull, I decided yesterday to take my chances as I have a friend who started at apple a few weeks back as a genius, said that the apple online availability tool is decieving in that it only shows if they have stock from the day before, and does not include the shipment that they get everyday.

    Long story short, I cancelled my DF today at 9:33 a.m and went to a dentist spot, got to Washington sq. Apple store and there were 9 people waiting in line in the store, they had just gotten a shipment "larger than 500" is all the cool old dude could say and that everyone would be able to get what they want if it keeps up the same way.

    I digress, if you have a DF from. The death star, cancel if it doesn't ship tomorrow and go to an apple store, I waited for about 40 mins, and had my phone in hand, absolutely perfect too, no flaws or mis-cured plastic back, off-center bezel, or dust under screen, FLAWLESS!!!

    Screw at&t's sales revenue and numbers, get your phone from people who care!
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    Man that would be awesome.....

    If Apple would see it in the hearts to open a store in Spokane, WA or in the general area....

    All we have is an Apple Reseller - where their Techs talk down to you and act like they know more than you, and they charge way too much

    Note: I am an IT Guy and I used to write software for the Macintosh - So I do know a little bit about Mac OS.

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