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    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but here goes:-

    I have a client with multiple Mac devices (Ipads, Iphones, Imac, Macbook Retina, Macbook Air etc)

    They have a collection of music/photos across all the devices that they would like to backup and organize in one place.

    I was thinking about Time Machine to backup the Laptops and Imac to a NAS device but I am unsure what app I could use (if any) to centrally store and manage all their photos and music (perhaps ITunes can help?)

    If anyone has any recommendations I'd be very grateful as it's becoming a bit of a nightmare trying to manage it all.


  2. James Craner, Feb 16, 2013
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    For music, the best way is iTunes Match. This is a paid for Apple service that effectively puts all your music in Apple's cloud service. You can then access your music via any device.

    Photo Stream is perhaps the easiest way of making sure all your photo's get consolidated on a primary backup target. The user just needs to make sure he opens iPhoto on his Mac every once in a while to enable the photo's to get synced across. Then make sure the primary Mac is backed up with TimeMachine and possible a cloud storage solution as well like Crashplan.

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