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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by J the Ninja, May 6, 2010.

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    Until recently, I would make each scene its own sequence, then nest all of those into one sequence to make the final product. Being a student and all, I'm still learning FCP, and liked this workflow. Until now. As it turns out, Color REALLY HATES IT when you do this. You can't send the sequence back as one piece, the new sequence will still be linked to the un-changed shots, since they weren't actually in the sequence you sent.

    So what should I do? Am I missing something in Color? Or should I be organizing my sequences differently? Just correct each sequence individually?
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    What version of Final Cut Studio are you using?

    Color hates a lot of things (thought Color 1.5 doesn't hate as much as 1.0) such as mixed codecs, mixed frame rates, mixed frame sizes, nested sequences, still images and multicam clips.

    FCP isn't the best at properly managing nested sequences to begin with so I would just avoid it all out. I'd advise to copy and paste each individual sequence into one big sequence as opposed to nesting sequences. You can send that to Color but the rule of thumb is a max length of 20min or 200 shots. If you are using 1.5 you don't have to worry about that rule though.

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    FCP7/Color 1.5

    The copy and pasting thing is a good idea, I've never thought of doing it that way. I may just do that in the future.

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