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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by mavericks7913, Jun 8, 2014.

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    May 17, 2014
    Well since I am not familiar with Mac yet, I really want to set my External HDD as a main storage for pics and organize by iPhoto and edit by lightroom.

    Problem is that External HDD can not organize as well as iPhoto. But I don't know how to use iPhoto to set External HDD to be organize.

    Need help!!
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    Sep 1, 2008
    You're over complicating your workflow - just stick with LR for editing and organizing.
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    Jul 9, 2012
    iPhoto offers nothing compared to Aperture or LR.

    Both iPhoto and Aperture share one ability. You can do a managed library where the originals are in the database files. Or you can do a referenced library where the original image files are in file system folders and subfolders outside the Aperture library. This referenced library option is the only method used by LR.

    Personally I use the referenced library approach where all my media libraries (photos, music, movies, documents) set on large external drives that are backed up by Time Machine to other drives. Don't forget to plan the backup drives as part of the system layout.

    As a former Windows user, I worked with Lightroom for years. Now that I retired I left Windows (just in time to avoid Win8) and have done Mac for 2 years. I have just recently purchased Aperture and imported the LR library (around 2TB) into Aperture as a referenced library. Now my one set of master original raw files can been seen and edited by both LR and Aperture.

    Personally I find the Aperture interface to be a much better one. I can only think of two technical advantages for LR.

    • The first is lens correction for older cameras designs that do not pass the lens correction data in the raw file. For example my Canon DSLRs did not pass on the lens correction data. The same is likely true for all 35mm DSLRs. But my Micro Four Thirds camera does pass on the lens correction data in the raw file. Both LR and Aperture apply corrections.. LR has go the extra step of creating a table of lens corrections for cameras that do not pass on the correction data.
    • The second item is the radial filter in LR that lets you put one or more elliptical or round filters on the image. You can modify the area inside the filter or invert and modify the area outside the filter. Personally I use the control points in the Nik Collection to do the same and with more options.

    So what would I suggest as a path forward? If you know iPhoto, migrate to Aperture and use a referenced library on the external drive. Theis incurs the minimal cost (Aperture is $79), minimal learning curve, and gets you into an external referenced library. Watch the news for the LR 6 launch, which might happen on the 18th. Look for the list of new features and see what people say about them in the first month reviews. In the fall move to Yosemite and IOS 8. Listen to the Apple story about the what happens to Aperture as something more than the new Photos app. Decide if the Apple or Adobe stories and products make the most sense for you. You may even want to wait for the spring 2015 launch of the new Aperture ( if that is what it will be called) to make the final decision.

    Time is on your side. Move to a referenced library with good backups. That is the main point for now. Move from iPhoto to Aperture for now. In the fall or even spring of 2015, decide if you want the new Aperture, or LR, or both. Personally I may continue with both. It is always good to have choices.

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