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    Feb 4, 2007
    I use iphoto to import my pictures and currrently have alot of jpegs mostly in it. Then i started shooting in raw and have raw files imported into iphoto and also many in seperate folders on desktop which are not imported.
    Just wondering the easiest way to organize all raw files in one place or one folder maybe and just use iphoto for the finished post editing images.
    I know in windows you could search copy all *.rar files to a folder from harddisk.Not sure how to do such on a mac.

    I just want to gather all my raw files since they are in so many folders mixed with jpegs n other files.

    PS: i searched for cr2 and got all my raw files show up. NOw if cut it all n put it in a folder,im afraid those in iphoto would be affected too?
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    Why not leave them where they are currently, and create a smart folder that only shows the RAW files. Just repeat the search you did for the cr2 files, and save the search as a smart folder. Making the leap from not caring about where the files are physically located and instead using smart searches is very liberating once you get used to it.
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