ORICO 2598SUS3 anyone?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by MaxPower72, Aug 30, 2012.

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    Aug 15, 2012
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    I'd like to know if anyone has an ORICO 2598SUS3 HDD external Enclosure and eventually how would you rate it.
    thank you :apple:
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    Aug 15, 2012
    Chicago, Illinois, Crooks County
    nobody has the USB 3.0 external HHD/SSD enclosure?
  3. FatLip, Jul 6, 2014
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    I realize this is a old thread but i have to share this experience with ORICO

    I tested several Orico enclosures,

    The Orico 9528U3 and the Orico 3529 USB3/SATA

    The Orico 9528U3 can not see hard drives larger then 1,5TB, even if you partition a 3/4TB drive into 1TB parts it will only see the first 2.

    The Orico 3529 USB3/SATA sees 4TB drives but damaged both 4TB drives of mine.

    I sent over 50 emails with screen shots to check the firm ware of these devices, i had to use Parallels because ORICO does not provide PC software,

    Orico techs where full of crap, period, they had me do all these tests and pretended they did not know what was wrong, it is simple, the product is only made for PC, the software (RAID atleast) is only for PC, in their last email they claimed that since windows XP did not support "GPT format" they concluded that Mavericks also did not support GPT format, they ignored any questions in regards to the Orico 9528U3,

    In one email both Orico and the one of their authorized sellers from ebay told me to ignore the details of the advert which had contradictions due to poor english, for example both these enclosures where advertised as compatible with 2x 4TB drives, yet the details and manual state 2x 3TB drives, and in their email they told me to ignore all this, they told me that they copied pasted info in their manuals and they are old, and when i asked them what GPT stood for they ignored the question and thats when i had enough and asked paypal for advise and was told that other people complained about these enclosures having poor "implementation of sleep mode",

    Impressed by the design i still tried to justify making this work, i googled around and found user reviews on amazon and ebay store evaluations with the same results, users could not do anything with the ORICO software to control the raids sleep mode, nice design but garbage, useless.,

    Any way, i was then convinced ORICO was dragging out the emails past 45 days so i can not return the drives to their so called authorized reseller on ebay, i told them i was sending them both back and the tech said i dont have to, he said i have a 2 year warranty, yeah right, i got my money back as soon as i provided paypal with the tracking numbers, then they sent an email saying they will let the reseller know whats going on and make sure he tests the enclosures with macs running mavericks, then the so called reseller claimed i never sent the enclosure back, he sent me photos of the box filled with rubbish claiming i tried to deceive them, after studying his photos i noticed he had wall sockets from the UK, certainly not from me or this part of the world,

    Im out hundreds of dollars, the shipping of these enclosures where about the price of the dam things and these crooks are trying to make a buck on a cosmetic design., im sending 2 4TB hard drives back to Seagate now and i have to pay for the shipping of these drives as well because of ORICO.

    i say if ORICO can re write their firmware, upgrade it as time goes for MAC OSX i would highly recommend the enclosures, but then again the fans where making strange sounds at start up, btw that could mean they are not all plastic and its good, one of the enclosures did sound like a vacuum cleaner, at least in our art department where a freelance artists who walked in was wondering who was using the vacuum ALL DAY LONG until she noticed a ORICO enclosure hidden behind her desk on the floor, the only place we could isolate the noise.

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