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Sep 2, 2013
So the other day I was having a cleaning out in my bedroom, lol and among all the gadgets I have, I found my old iPad, and charged it up today. Was wondering what kind of use I should use it for? (Picture frame, Big Fat iPod for my bedroom with bluetooth speakers, or as a ebook reader). Still has some old music on there, that I don't have anymore, so I am transferring that to my Windows Vista machines as I don't connect that to the internet (I would use my Mac mini, but I want to keep my old iPad/iPhone the ti have seperate from the newer ones) - Don't ask why, I'm a bit anal about this sort of crap.

I have a few ideas , I think it will mainly be a picture frame with some of my trip photos, and photos of a friend who recently passed away. (to keep the memory alive).

If you still have your original iPad what did you do with yours? Do you still use it? Or has it been repurposed as a photo frame or a dedicated music pod?

Just thought I'd open it up to see what other people have done with theirs.


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Apr 15, 2019
I have an iPad 2nd gen somewhere thats just gathering dust.
Exactly the same... I don't see the point in wasting energy using it as a frame...just to say I am still using it...
I only used it for a while last year when I had a cat as viewer for the security cameras (I checked what the cat was doing in other rooms)
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