Original iPhone "stuck" on headphones

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    To make or recieve a call I have to switch it on to speaker. Is there somewhere I can change it back manually? I had used my sony headphones in it the other day to listen to music but the problem has been there since i took it out.

    Sound still comes out as normal if im changing the ringtone but thats the only time.

    Any pointers???
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    There's no way to change it manually, but a fix that might work is to put the headphones in and take them out repeatedly. Also, sometimes crap gets in the jack, so this might dislodge it. Some have taken a Q-tip, cut off the end, and stuck it in there to try to clean it.

    I had this happen to one of mine. The only fix was to take it to Apple and get a new one.
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    stuck on headphones

    The original iPhone as mentioned above does not have a setting with the OS to allow you to select the output for sound. It is done electronically by closing a circuit within the headphone jack itself. The first thing I would do is examine the headphone plug of your Sony headphones and see if it is damaged or missing the tip. If the tip is stuck or left in your iPhone, the circuit is complete and it will not leave the headphone jack mode. If the Sony's plug is not damaged then you may have some conductive debris in the headphone jack that is causing the problem.

    However, before blowing out your headphone jack or trying to clean it with a Q-Tip...backup your iPhone data and do a restore and see if this solves your problems.

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