Original Mac Pro vs new iMac 24"

Discussion in 'iMac' started by akakillroy, Mar 5, 2009.

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    I am considering purchasing a new 24" entry iMac for my wife, and I am wondering if it will perform any better than my original (first gen) Mac pro with 2xDual Core Xeon CPU's and 6GB of RAM? If so I may pass the Mac Pro down to her and keep the iMac for myself ;-) I have 2x24" Dell Monitors connected currently to my Mac pro, and there is really nothing I have currently on the Mac Pro that I would need on an iMac other than it has more Ram that the 24" iMac. I do quite a bit of stuff with Aperture and iMove so maybe the graphic performance and CPU upgrade would be better? Thoughts?
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    Mac Pro for photo work and iMac for the wife.

    You can do nice upgrades to your Mac Pro which you cannot do with the iMac.
    -- Memory, multiple drives, software raiding etc... and possibly soon, the video card that only worked on the newer Mac Pros will have a version available for your Mac Pro.


    - Phrehdd
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    The mac pro has twice as many cores at the same clockspeed, more RAM, the option of an nvidea 8800 and multiple hard drives. Keep the pro. ;)
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