Original MacOS 10.0 Welcome Book?

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by Macmaniac411, Jun 22, 2010.

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    I found this OSX welcome book in a box of other apple stuff to be thrown out (Leopard discs, final cut pro books, G3 Manuals). I decided to take it though and i have some questions about it. I have been a mac user for about 2 years now so i don't know much before that. This book is in perfect condition, pure white, and has a copyright of 2001 on it. I can't find any information on this for some reason so i was hoping anyone here will give me some answers. Was this given with every copy sold of OSX? Did it come bundled with computers sold in that era? Is it worth anything besides a penny? I don't have any ambition to sell it but i would want to know if it has any monitory value, i of course had interest in the beginning so i don't want to sell it. I posted some shots of the inside of it, outside, and back for anyone to get an idea. Overall i think it was a pretty cool find, it gives knowledge of the OS that started everything off to people who weren't mac people to realize. Thanks

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    As I recall it came with the OS disc and the machines that shipped with OS X. I doubt that even if it came with the box and CD that it would bring more than a few dollars. Apple manuals from the 80's barely bring in anything since it is much easier to keep a 20+ year old manual in mint condition compared to a computer or floppy disk.

    Edit: Come to think of it I think I have at least two of these with the CD's and a box. I only have one of the boxes since the G4 I had came out three or four months before 10.0. My iBook, sisters iMac and fathers G4 where purchased after 10.0 shipped. 10.0 was also pretty useless as no software supported it and a G4 ran OS X about as quick as a 604 in OS 9.
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    I didn't think it would be worth anything much anyways, thanks for the info.
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    Just looked inside of the box of my old retail copy of OS 10.0 and the book you have was in there so I guess it was included with all retail copies and I would assume that it came with any computer that it was installed on.
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    These are still downloadable here in PDF.

    I suspect the one you have is 10.1.x since it mentions iDVD 2 for OSX

    The number on the back 034-2030 seems to be after 034-1068.
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    Regardless, it's certainly a cool piece of Apple history! I love older documentation.
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    Cool, Thanks for the page, i was looking for that because i knew apple kept those on the support page, i guess i didn't look hard enough. And as that it is 10.1, i would have never known that so again, thanks :)
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    I agree, being a new mac user, i was sort of oblivious to the earlier versions besides tiger or leopard so to see how much was offered back then amazed me. I wish i switched earlier because of that book.

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