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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by afrocleland, Oct 12, 2013.

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    Sep 24, 2012

    I've been offered a good condition used Time Capsule (1st Gen 1TB) for £50. I thought it was a pretty great deal until i realised it was so far out of date. Has anyone got one to let me know how the performance is? I'm hoping it'll be a better wifi router than my current Virgin Media Superhub. The Time Capsule part itself will be a bonus tbh!

    Any thoughts on these?

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    Those first couple gen Time Capsules had a problem with capacitors inside failing prematurely. If you search time capsule early death you will find quite a few articles about it at the time. I am surprised there are any out there still running. I would take a pass on it even at a good price.
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    Weaselboy is right about the failing capacitors killing the power supply in early Time Capsules (except I think it was just the 1st-gen TCs that had the problem). Note that even though the the PS died, the data was still OK and could be retrieved by removing the SATA hard drive. Lots of people reported the problem, but it's probably impossible to know the number that didn't have the problem and thus we don't know what percentage were bad.

    My 1st-gen TC (bought May 2008) has been spectacularly problem-free in continuous use since purchase. Oddly enough, my serial number falls in the range of TC that Apple identified as being suseptable to the problem. I feel the performance of mine has been very good as far as throughput and excellent as far as wireless stability -- no dropped connections and I've almost never had to power it off/on. It just works. Unless the PS dies! :(

    The first currency converter I came across said 50 pounds was almost US$80. I think that is far too much considering the risk of failure. Even though I love mine and would gladly take another, I'd probably only pay US$10 or US$20 at most...

    There is (or was) a list from Apple with "problem" TC serial numbers -- you could find it and check the sn of the one for sale. If it's not on the list you might have a better chance of good luck with it. (But I think it still could fail on you.) Some people have fixed failed PS by replacing the capacitors, some by wiring in an external "brick" power supply. How handy are you?


    On second thought...

    I didn't think about the value of the 1 TB hard drive. It should be fine. So, if it were me, I'd pay about $15 above what I figured the hard drive was worth to me.

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