Oringinal MAcintosh 1984

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by sahni130, Nov 30, 2008.

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    hey guys,
    through the years I have bought many apple products and ipods and have loved every single one of them. I even have a little ipod collection going. There is one machine that I really want- the original Macintosh that Steve jobs introduced in 1984. Where can I find a good working model? How much can I expect to pay for it? What kind off apps/ programs could i run on it? can I go on the internet with it (I realize that the internet wasn't developed in 1984 but maybe there's an adapter or something that you could use with his machine to connect it to the internet)?

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    my god.. you really are a mac fanatic/fanboy/collector.. maybe take the fanboy out but.. gosh..

    i say try ebay, but you never can trust them. maybe some dude is on craigslist selling them. but i doubt they'll have them in retail sites
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    I believe there is one in the museum of modern art in NYC. Not sure of the price though:rolleyes:
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    Apr 1, 2008
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    Connect to the internet :eek: .... I don't think so.

    With 128k yes "k" of ram and a max OS of 3.2 ... well you could run Mac paint and Mac Write, which would give you the full software library at launch!

    If you actually want to do something half productive find a Mac Plus, they look identical but will run up to system 7.5 and take a full 4mb of ram which opens up the possibilities and they are cheaper. Still forget about the internet it is theoretically possible on a Plus with lots of work, but in practice No.
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    The 128 has almost no connectivity.
    From wired, 2.01:
    I remember somebody in 1983 asking Steve Jobs at a meeting, "Where is the network?" And he threw a floppy disk at the guy. Jobs was a sneaker net guy up until the last instant.
    -Alan Kay

    The first practical Mac for the internet probably would have been the SE 30. I had a Plus and a US Robotics modem at one point but don't remember ever being on the internet with it.

    As you have probably already found out, a likely price for the 128 would range in the hundreds of dollars.

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