Orzly Apple watch 20 in 1 case pack & Stand review & pics

Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by lewanchris, Sep 6, 2015.

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    Jun 15, 2015
    I've been looking at potential stands for my apple watch for a few weeks now and although there are some decent options, I really didn't want anything to fancy or to spend a lot of money. So when I come across the Orzly nightstand, I found it ticked all the boxes.

    However just before I went to buy it, this pack on amazon caught my eye . Not only did it have the nightstand but it came with 20 cases for the watch. Yes that sounds excessive as I'm hardly likely to change my case that often but it has some REALLY interesting colour options that you cant buy here on amazon, and at the price it hardly matters. I think for anyone looking to buy a stand AND a case, it makes more sense to but this pack rather than each product individually. Or of course if you're someone who would change your case every day then this obviously offers more color choices.

    BUT the main thing about this pack is that it makes for an EXCELLENT gift idea.
    It caters for all colour preferences etc for cases, and it includes a basic but functional desk stand for the watch. The best thing is that it is priced well so it makes it good value to cover all the basics and its presented in an excellent way in a great gift box (i will try and upload a image of the box as well). This would even make a great stocking filler item for Christmas or an add-on gift.

    Individually both products are good. The cases protect the frame of your watch from being scratched etc (but bear in mind they won't protect your watch's screen). The semi transparent colours are more subtle and add a hint of colour to the watch so I've used these with my metal strap. The block colour case go better with my silicone strap as they contrast and look more swatch like which is fine for casual use. The nightstand is fantastic (i found this on youtube, there are a few vidoes up)... It holds my 38 watch perfectly in place at night, even when I fumble in the dark for the little menu button and accidentally move the entire stand. You can use it without peeling the adhesive cover off, and it's still pretty sturdy but knowing my own clumsiness, I've chosen to stick it firmly to the table. You loop your charging cable through it once, USB end first ( remember theres no cable included in the pack, you use your original Apple one). Then pop the disc in last which also stays in place, making it a sync to charge your watch is a synch thereafter. No complicated instructions or tool box needed. Just a simple and functional product.

    I'm happy I found this pack and would recommend it to anyone looking to buy both products or even a gift for an apple watch user.

    For anyone reading i hope this review is helpful

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    I got this last week. Being able to add just a pop of colour to your watch is very cool. I wouldn't count on them for much protection though. They are very low profile, unlike some of the protective cases that make your beautiful Apple watch look like it was swallowed by a cockroach.

    I didn't even realize the stand was included. I figure I can use it for traveling, since I have my Premium One at home.

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