OS 10.10.5 never shuts down or restarts properly

Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by InquiringMac, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. InquiringMac macrumors member

    Dec 16, 2013
    Every time I need to restart or shut down my Mac I have to press power button and hold it for a few seconds: it never works after just selecting and executing the appropriate command from Apple menu.

    What is the cause for such behaviour and how to fix it, please?

    EtreCheck version: 2.4.2 (142)

    Report generated 9/6/15, 12:52 PM

    Download EtreCheck from http://etresoft.com/etrecheck

    Click the [Click for support] links for help with non-Apple products.

    Click the [Click for details] links for more information about that line.

    Hardware Information: (What does this mean?)

    Mac mini (Late 2012) (Technical Specifications)

    Mac mini - model: Macmini6,2

    1 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 CPU: 4-core

    16 GB RAM Upgradeable

    BANK 0/DIMM0

    8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz ok

    BANK 1/DIMM0

    8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz ok

    Bluetooth: Good - Handoff/Airdrop2 supported

    Wireless: en1: 802.11 a/b/g/n

    Video Information: (What does this mean?)

    Intel HD Graphics 4000

    HP ZR30w 2560 x 1600

    System Software: (What does this mean?)

    OS X 10.10.5 (14F27) - Time since boot: about 4 hours

    Disk Information: (What does this mean?)

    APPLE HDD HTS541010A9E662 disk0 : (1 TB) (Rotational)

    EFI (disk0s1) <not mounted> : 210 MB

    Recovery HD (disk0s3) <not mounted> [Recovery]: 650 MB

    Macintosh HD (disk1) / : 998.97 GB (647.43 GB free)

    Core Storage: disk0s2 999.35 GB Online

    USB Information: (What does this mean?)

    CP1500PFCLCD CRCA102-3I1

    Apple Inc. BRCM20702 Hub

    Apple Inc. Bluetooth USB Host Controller

    Apple, Inc. IR Receiver

    Thunderbolt Information: (What does this mean?)

    Apple Inc. thunderbolt_bus

    Gatekeeper: (What does this mean?)

    Mac App Store and identified developers

    Kernel Extensions: (What does this mean?)


    [loaded] com.logitech.manager.kernel.driver (4.10.1 - SDK 10.8) [Click for support]


    [loaded] com.avira.kext.FileAccessControl (1.0.0d1 - SDK 10.9) [Click for support]

    Launch Agents: (What does this mean?)

    [loaded] com.avira.antivirus.general.agent.plist [Click for support]

    [loaded] com.avira.antivirus.ipm.ui.plist [Click for support]

    [loaded] com.avira.antivirus.notifications.agent.plist [Click for support]

    [failed] com.avira.antivirus.odscan.default.plist [Click for support] [Click for details]

    [loaded] com.avira.antivirus.scheduler.agent.plist [Click for support]

    [running] com.avira.antivirus.systray.plist [Click for support]

    [loaded] com.avira.antivirus.telemetry.agent.plist [Click for support]

    [loaded] com.avira.antivirus.update.default.plist [Click for support]

    [running] com.avira.helper.avstats.plist [Click for support]

    [loaded] com.google.keystone.agent.plist [Click for support]

    [running] com.logitech.manager.daemon.plist [Click for support]

    Launch Daemons: (What does this mean?)

    [loaded] com.avira.antivirus.dbcleaner.plist [Click for support]

    [loaded] com.avira.antivirus.ipm.loader.plist [Click for support]

    [running] com.avira.helper.watchdox.plist [Click for support]

    [loaded] com.google.keystone.daemon.plist [Click for support]

    [loaded] com.microsoft.office.licensing.helper.plist [Click for support]

    User Launch Agents: (What does this mean?)

    [running] com.microsoft.LaunchAgent.SyncServicesAgent.plist [Click for support]

    [running] ws.agile.1PasswordAgent.plist [Click for support]

    User Login Items: (What does this mean?)

    iTunesHelper Application (/Applications/iTunes.app/Contents/MacOS/iTunesHelper.app)

    AdobeResourceSynchronizer UNKNOWN Hidden (missing value)

    Internet Plug-ins: (What does this mean?)

    AdobePDFViewerNPAPI: Version: 11.0.12 - SDK 10.6 [Click for support]

    SharePointBrowserPlugin: Version: 14.5.4 - SDK 10.6 [Click for support]

    AdobePDFViewer: Version: 11.0.12 - SDK 10.6 [Click for support]

    nplastpass: Version: 3.1.21 [Click for support]

    QuickTime Plugin: Version: 7.7.3

    Default Browser: Version: 600 - SDK 10.10

    Safari Extensions: (What does this mean?)





    3rd Party Preference Panes: (What does this mean?)

    Logi Preference Manager [Click for support]

    Time Machine: (What does this mean?)

    Skip System Files: NO

    Auto backup: YES

    Volumes being backed up:

    Macintosh HD: Disk size: 998.97 GB Disk used: 351.55 GB


    Time Machine [Local]

    Total size: 1.50 TB

    Total number of backups: 60

    Oldest backup: 2013-04-29 23:44:34 +0000

    Last backup: 2015-06-24 13:10:23 +0000

    Size of backup disk: Adequate

    Backup size 1.50 TB > (Disk used 351.55 GB X 3)

    Top Processes by CPU: (What does this mean?)

    10% WindowServer

    6% Transmission

    3% VLC

    1% Google Chrome Helper(11)

    1% coreaudiod

    Top Processes by Memory: (What does this mean?)

    1.74 GB Google Chrome Helper(11)

    897 MB kernel_task

    442 MB Finder

    410 MB sharingd

    410 MB cfprefsd(2)

    Virtual Memory Information: (What does this mean?)

    444 MB Free RAM

    16.00 GB Used RAM (8.04 GB Cached)

    5 MB Swap Used

    Diagnostics Information: (What does this mean?)

    Sep 6, 2015, 07:58:13 AM Self test - passed
  2. Partron22 macrumors 68020


    Apr 13, 2011
    avira, whatever that is, certainly seems to be all over the place.
    When I run into shutdown or startup problems, it's usually because I've installed some weird piece of software that it turns out I can live without quite easily.
  3. InquiringMac thread starter macrumors member

    Dec 16, 2013
    Thank you kindly!:)

    Avira AV seems to be a respected product: please see here and there... ;)
    Do you believe it can be the cause of my problems?
  4. DeltaMac macrumors G3


    Jul 30, 2003
    First, can you log out of your user, then try to do a restart or shutdown while you are at the login screen?

    When you get ready to shutdown, try a Force Quit (Option-Command-Esc). If you have already quit all open applications, there should be nothing on the Force Quit screen, except Finder.
    If that is true, Force Quit the Finder, too. It will relaunch, and that's OK.
    Close the Force Quit window, then try a normal shutdown.
    Did that help you get a full shutdown?
    Wait for the shutdown to happen, be patient for a bit, 5 minutes should be long enough to call it "not working yet"

    Try uninstalling Avira.

    I have seen a refusal to shutdown. Here's what helps me: Reinstall Yosemite.

    Download the current Yosemite installer through the App Store. It will automatically launch when the download completes, so Quit the installer for now.
    Make a USB bootable installer from that Yosemite app that you just downloaded. Instructions are available to do that. Or, download and run the good DiskMakerX utility, which is quite good at making a bootable installer that you can keep. You'll need an 8GB USB stick for that.
    Boot to that installer.
    Reinstall OS X. (You won't lose any of your files and apps, it just reinstalls the system, along with making sure that the system that you have is still properly installed.)
    I think it will help you, as it did for me.
  5. Taz Mangus macrumors 68040

    Taz Mangus

    Mar 10, 2011
    Uninstall Avira to see if it helps, which I suspect it will. Make sure to reboot. Once that is done, suggest that you also try Repair Permissions from Disk Utility.
  6. Partron22 macrumors 68020


    Apr 13, 2011
    Antivirus software by its very nature tends to sink its claws deep into the OS. This can cause problems when the OS is updated, changed out from under the antivirus. Unless both are kept well up to date, or at least version matched, trouble is nearly inevitable.
    Is your copy of Avira up to date? Which OS version is it rated for?
  7. simon lefisch macrumors 6502a

    simon lefisch

    Sep 29, 2014
    Does the computer shutdown when running the shutdown command in terminal?

    sudo shutdown -s now

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