OS 10.9.5 Profile Manager Hard drive FULL HELP

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    OK guys I have a brand new Mac Mini fully loaded to the gills 16GB i7 chip 2X256 SSD's and I went for total performance since this machine is for running the iPads I never thought that it would eat storage like this. I have 360 users 1 for each iPad and I have used the entire 256 GB of the main drive and I can no longer add any other users. I still have another 1000 iPads to add to the system but why since this server is only running Caching and profile manager am I out of disk space? And is there a way to save the user data to the 2nd disk without rebuilding this server setting up the profile manager was a ^&*ch but it works awesome now. I am looking into replacing both drives with 3TB SSD's but still why are the users using so much disk space????:mad:
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    This one might be easy. Did you setup the users to store their Home folders to the server?
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    Pretty sure 3TB 2.5" SSD don't exist at this time, at least ones you can buy.

    Good news is that you can use Apple's migration assistant to transfer existing setup to either Mac Mini with 2x 1TB SSD setup in a raid.

    Install new drives, set them in RAID. Put old drive in drive dock. Transfer it to new drive.

    Don't forget to backup!


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