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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by bbplayer5, Sep 3, 2015.

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    I noticed when I started using OS 2, that my running distances were off (phone in my pocket). I normally run either a 5K or 4 miles each day, and have the distance measured out so I know exactly how far I have gone. The watch on 1.0.1 was pretty spot on accurate with my phone in my pocket. OS 2 on the other hand is off by around 200 feet per mile. It is saying I have traveled further than I actually have by around that distance, so by the end of my 5K, the watch indicates I have gone well over.

    The Nike+ app doesn't function for me on OS 2, so I can't tell if it is just the app causing it or what.

    Anyone have similar issues?
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    So here is a radical spin... What if the OS2 watch running distance is more accurate now?

    In my experience, and in numerous posts on this form from other runners, the watch registers shorter distances than runs of known distances. For example, I run a 5.07 mile course three times/week, and my watch consistently reports about 4.95 miles with the phone on hand. I trust the 5.07 distance, because I have vetted it against multiple Timex and Garmin GPS watches plus multiple iPhone running apps. (My two Garmin GPS watches measure 5.07 miles with a standard deviation less than 0.01 miles.)

    So, what if your regular courses are actually a little longer than you thought? With OS1, what if your watch was under-reporting the distance and that coincidentally aligned with your expectation of the distances. But what if the actual distance is a little longer and the watch is now getting it right?

    Your stated error of a couple hundred feet per mile is exactly what my watch under-reports with OS 1.0.1. How did you get to your precise measured distance, and how have you verified it?
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    Verified with my bike, android phone with nike+, iPhone 6 iOS 8.4.1 with nike+, and OS 1.0.1 - all had roughly the same distances. I also measured on Google Maps with the measuring tool.

    OS 2 is the only one that is giving drastically different numbers with the built in running app. The fact that Nike+ isnt working for me hinders any further testing though. Could also be iOS 9 doing it?
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    I find beta 5 to be more sensitive and quite possibly inaccurate but we will need to wait for the official release. Being concerned about a beta version could be the problem. And of course beta ios9. I have found that beta 5 has been off a bit as it is. Just more sensitive and others have said that.
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    Maybe it is more accurate. It isn't a huge deal though, but very hard to tell without an actual GPS watch I guess.

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