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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Wicked1, Apr 12, 2010.

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    I keep reading articles about this and the thing that makes me curious if Apple will start updating their phone more then once per year, only because everyone is pushing new phones out with new features more often, specifically HTC and Android OS.

    It seems a lot of ppl are bored with their iPhone and the Android market is moving along reall fast, however I need something very functional and the iPhone suits me just fine, but I am wondering what Apple will do with everyone gaining market share.

    Who knows maybe the iPhone going to different carriers by the end of the year will make everyone work harder to push better things into their phones, anyway you look at it, Smartphones are the phones of the future and things should only get better and more completition from here on.

    I just hate this waiting for June and the WWDC is two weeks later this year so that means the iPhone won't be out until middle of July, man I can't wait this year, I love my 3GS but I want to see what the new one will do before I upgrade.:rolleyes:

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    Not regular consumers, but the techies who spend their nights on MacRumors and gizmodo. Those are the people who are 'bored' with their phones, mostly because they have short attention spans with technology themselves.

    There are still a lot of people who have not purchased their first smartphones, they are either going to consider the iPhone either that or something with Android on it. Apple is more concerned about these upcoming customers, which is why they seem to be budging on the feature list on the iPhone (They could have implemented a lot of 4.0' features in 2.0 if they wished to (SMS counter, unified email, blah blah).

    In any case Apple iPhone owners are very satisfied. Apple won various awards on their customer satisfaction and customers' overall satisfaction with the device itself. Either way Steve seems to want to avoid his first mistake that happened with the Macintosh by being more flexible with the platform although still in a very controlled manner.
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    Jan 30, 2010
    Apple usually waits a whole year. The other companies are throwing their products out the door and the public is noticing. They can see that all of their phone (except for a few) are bush league compared to the iPhone.

    Apple usually waits to see what all of the companies have to offer, then they come out with something that will crush all competition. This is what they will do this summer. Can't wait... :apple:

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