OS 8/9 and widescreen monitors

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by scott.n, Mar 22, 2011.

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    Dec 17, 2010
    I picked up a PowerMac G4 tower (model M7824) off Craigslist recently for cheap. This model has the ATI Rage 128 Pro graphics card with VGA and DVI connectors. It's currently running 10.4.

    I'd like to install copies of OS 8 and OS 9 (also keeping 10.4 for a triple-boot) for some retrocomputing fun, but first I need to find a monitor. Will the older OSes support a more recent widescreen monitor through DVI, or should I stick with VGA and 4:3? Thanks for the assistance.
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    Sep 7, 2010
    Why OS 8 and 9? I hope you are planning to partition the drive.

    As for the other issue read this link.

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    Dec 17, 2010
    Thanks for that. I searched L.E.M. but somehow never saw the above page.

    I'd just like to see and play around with OS 8 and 9. In school I remember using everything from an Apple //e to a Performa running System 7, but by the time OS 8 and 9 were released, Dell and Gateway PCs were ubiquitous, and I didn't get back into Macs until shortly after the transition to Intel. It probably sounds silly but I'd like to fill in those missing pieces. Of course I'll be partitioning the HDD.
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    Mac OS 9 definitely handles Widescreen Resolutions just fine (My G4/450 AGP powers my HP 19" Monitor at 1440*900 just fine through VGA and DVI, - and thats a resolution I don't think was even under consideration when the OS was created).
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    Dec 7, 2009
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    Jul 24, 2009
    I completely understand your need for The Original :apple: Mac OS with Original Hardware. :D

    I don't know about DVI, but I have connected a ViewSonic VX2245WM :cool: Monitor to an ancient Blue & White G3 :eek: with Mac OS 9.2.2 on it. ...with VGA. It worked perfectly, and did not have any issues with the screen resolution. I did not need to do anything except plug everything in. :)

    I do not know why you would like to use Mac OS 8. Mac OS 9 can do almost anything that Mac OS 8 can do...and more...right? :confused: I have not been able to for example, connect a USB stick to Mac OS 8, so I put Mac OS 9 on another computer that originally had Mac OS 8...and then after the upgrade, it works. Also, you are going to have issues with Mac OS 8 and the internet. Classilla is an internet browser for Mac OS 9, and I am not sure what they are doing with Mac OS 8. Last time I knew, most of their focus is for Mac OS 9.

    I also remember the Apple II, and the Pizza Boxes with what I think was System 7. ...and then later they mostly have Dells now. :rolleyes: I bought my first mac in 2008, well after the Intel transition. The Macs that I have are all PowerPC macs. :p I am devoting all my G3s and earlier that I have and any other G3s and earlier... to Mac OS 9 only. Almost every G4 I am going to get will be devoted to Mac OS X Tiger. Most of all my computers are laptops...they are space saving and energy saving.

    Perhaps if you are going to get more of them, (why not?) then you should get laptops....ibooks, and powerbooks. Many of them have SCSI ports!!

    Good luck with Mac OS 9.... there are other things you can add to it...such as iText, a .RTF editor... an older version of iTunes...2.0.4 I think. .... a-Dock ...Classilla... and also After Dark....

    You can find After Dark and other games and apps for Mac OS 9 at Macintosh Garden.


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