os 8 or 9?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by dukebound85, Jun 28, 2008.

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    so i have a imac 400mhz graphite se that i got back in 2000. It came with os 9 i believe by default from apple. however, my family has since upgraded it to jaguar and then tiger.

    however, it is slow as mud and we have since lost the origiinal install disks. has apple made os 9 freeware or whats the deal? i cant seem to find it on apple to buy

    any suggestions to getting os 9?

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    By adding more RAM, and installing a fresh copy of Mac OS X, you should see some noticeable performance gains.

    Mac OS 9 will be faster, but there is a trade off between performance and compatibility. Apple hasn't made Mac OS 9 free yet, Currently only 7.5 is free. If you want to buy Mac OS 9, eBay is likely your best bet.
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    Following his advice, max out the iMac with ram (I think 60 bucks to get a gig of ram 2x512s) and install OS X, jaguar is a bit too old, probly just go with Panther and that's a solid Mac.

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