OS 9 Installs, Updates and Info (including graphics cards updates)

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    I almost wrecked my nerves the last days to find a german 9.2.2 update and the latest ATI drivers, so I thought I could put all info I gathered in a dedicated thread, for English and international OS 9 Updates.

    It is expected, that you already have updated the ROM of your motherboard to what Apple suggests, before you do anything of the following!

    OS 9 general Information:

    on hardware and software and with a special category for abandoned Audio Hardware and (free) software under OS 9.
    http://macos9lives.com/mac os 9 lives_003.htm
    They also have a forum, but it is not much attended and you may find special questions answered better more likely on macrumors, but hey, have a try.

    Why should I post Links to OS 9, while Apple has already all updates available on their site? Well, yes but their links are dead! So I had to do a lot of searching. Especially stupid, since all the localized versions like Japanese, German etc. are gone.

    Different OS 9 Installs, from CDs:
    - different OS Versions
    - different languages
    - for different models
    URL Removed by moderator

    International English OS 9.2.2 Full Install:
    A File dublicated a lot over the net, though some link are dead now. It seems it was taken from a MDD-FW400 and should work on other Macs as well, except the MDD-FW800 of course. It has the latest things up to 2003.
    Name: "OS9general.dmg"
    - URL Removed by moderator
    - URL Removed by moderator
    - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/macos9/nR2QQCKaCFA/Vh3rCA71s_MJ (scroll down to "DarkWallMac's" post. If that does not work, there are others, like the amazon link.
    - the first entry of the above google Link talks about a netboot-OS9-install offered by Apple (it includes an English, German, Japanese, French language Version).

    Customized OS 9.2.2 Full Install:
    - A member over at os9lives.com has compilated a 9.2.2 with updated drivers. (I will note the Mac OS ROM number as well as the Version number of the Extension updates as well, later!)
    URL Removed by moderator

    OS 9.1, 9.2.1, 9.2.2 Updates, different languages
    No Full Versions! Only Updates, you need at least 9.0.4. to start from.
    These are the ones Apple had provided as .smi files on its server
    - here http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1387 (last modified June 2012, but that goes for the text I guess).
    - and 9.2.2 here for different English (US, UK, International) and other Languages http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1293 (Dec. 2001)
    - American English
    - Other "world" languages.

    Note: in the rare case one of you needs a German 9.2.1 Fullinstall that is general (from a white-labled CD) I will upload it. For me a 9.0.4 iMac install did not work on a PowerMac G4 after applying updates further than 9.1.

    Latest ATI-Drivers (2005):
    - you have to have at least 9.2.x installed!
    - you have to keep the original card, that your Mac came with, in the computer
    - now run the ATI updater http://gona.mactar.hu/ATI_Mac/ATI_Radeon_Retail_Installer/ati-retail-9-2-2-jan2005.hqx
    - now put out the old card and install the new (if you plan to install another card than stock for your certain model).

    Beware ATI 9200 Users! The above is fine for the most cards (also the 7000/8500/9000), but the ATI 9200 retail card needs a ROM update.
    Not to be confused with the drivers above.
    Driver = installed in the OS 9 System extensions folder
    ROM = "installed" to the card itself (same goes for ROM installers that update CPUs, the Mainboard etc.)
    So, after you have run the ATI-2005-DRIVER-installer you need to put in the 9200 retail card (a PCI card, if it is AGP it is flashed) and then run this ROM "hotfix" http://gona.mactar.hu/ATI_Mac/#9200rom

    (you can find other ATI ROM updates there as well, look up the current version of your card in system-profiler -> hardware -> PCI -> Cardname)

    Also: Cards from the "PC" world that got flashed for the Mac will sometimes have no Hardware acceleration in OS 9 http://themacelite.wikidot.com/radeon-9000np-conversion which is, why the above 9200-ROM-update does not work on my 9200-AGP (but on my 9200-PCI retail) and it works in OS 9, but allows no Hardware acceleration. Some games will not function properly.
    (If you want to test, if a flashed card you acquired from someone else does support HW/3D-accleleration a good test is Bugdom (it will pop up a message but be playable though) and CroMag-Rally (it will prompt you with a message and run in stop-motion).

    More comes in the next days. You are free to add information. If the above does not help someone, at least it serves as a notepad/memo for me :)
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    This may help too. They have quite a bit of stuff they backed up and uploaded over the years. No specific links, but if you look through them you'll find stuff for OS9 and OSX.


    Oh yeah. If you back up a step into the Parent Directory there will be a Games folder. Inside there is some old ID Software stuff where you can download older various ID games like Doom, Doom 2, etc. For Mac.

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