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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by rantingrich, Jul 24, 2012.

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    I belong to a couple of 3D Animations forums that use a program called Carrara from DAZ3d.com! The latest version DOES not play well with LION and certainly not MOUNTAIN LION! AS with my self a few are or already have bought new MACPROs as I wish to in 2 weeks..

    Some say simply DOWNGRADE the OS From Lion and or mountain lion with Leopard which is what I have read on here you can do, but many say in these forums that it is nearly impossible to DOWNGRADE from lion.

    They said you have to do a lot of painstaking BS to downgrade everything correctly and if you don't know what you are doing your headed for trouble.

    In my case IF I CAN! I plan to take my new macpro out of the box and go right ahead and try to INSTALL LEOPARD before I install any software!

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    Cloning and imaging come to mind off hand. The hardware had barely changed since the Snow Leopard days back in 2009.
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    I've been looking into this for my 2012 MP hexcore. As far as I can tell, an efficient way to go to Snow Leopard is to track down the OS install DVDs that shipped with the 2010 Mac Pros. Both 2010 and 2012 are identified as 5,1 and, as far as I can tell, have the same firmware. (Note that the 10.6.3 retail discs won't work with the MP.)
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    Well I have NOT even bought Leopard yet, but as far as I can tell the DVD is still available from APPLE! I hope it is anyways.

    Would this work!

    Cant you just erase the Hardrive and go to installing Leopard?
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    Some word of advice.. Unless you can con Apple into telling them your mac pro is a 2010 which would be difficult since they only send out replacement discs based on serial number, your chances are slim to none.

    I might be able to clone the discs I have and that way you can tell if snow leopard will work. Since the 2012 is nothing more than a speed bump, rather "speed decrease in some models", and has the same 5,1 EFI firmware as the 2010, I am 95-99 percent positive that the 2010 discs will work.

    Your best recourse is to have a friend who has a 2010 mac pro con Apple into sending him replacement discs and then of course, he would give them to you.

    I have checked on ebay and could not find 2010 mac pro discs anywhere.. sometimes they show up, but mostly have seen 1,1 3,1 and sometimes 4,1 discs.

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    As I said in another thread:

    1) Buy a 10.6 retail disc. (which won't work on your 2012 MP)
    2) Download a 10.6.4+ copy of Mac OS on the net. (which will work on your 2012)
    3) Install that newer version on the Mac Pro.
    4) Update to 10.6.8 using software update.
    5) Delete the downloaded copy.

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    Get another program. I have been dealing with DAZ since 2004.

    DAZ's support for programs running on OSX is horrendous. Not to mention that none of their software EVER gets out of beta.

    DAZ is too cheap to actually spend $99 dollars for an ADC license, as a result, they are constantly being blind-sided by changes in OSX. Let me tick off all of the software problems.

    The last developed documentation was for Cararra 6. They are at Cararra 8.

    The user base has been waiting for several years for documentation and they won't get any updated documentation until Daz Studio 4(.5 now) is completed.

    The bullet physics code has changed 5 times since the release of Cararra 8.0 - a new version every time they did a point release.

    There is no SDK for the product, still.

    They still haven't been able to get their new figure platform (genesis) running on Cararra, but competing products are running in Cararra - i.e. the new Poser 9/2012 weight mapped figures.

    Don't hold your breath waiting on DAZ to get Cararra running under Mountain Lion.

    Their modeler - Hexagon - was broken for 4 YEARS. Yes, you read that correctly. It wouldn't run under 10.5 or 10.6 and it wasn't until Daz Studio 4 was released that they spent any time on it. They got it running under 10.6 so you could use the Daz Studio to Hexagon Bridge running and then they stopped all development - to include documentation.

    Bryce (their terrain development program) also doesn't run under 10.7 or 10.8 - and all development, to include documentation has been stopped.

    The priority at Daz is Daz Studio - another piece of half assed software, and their attempts to unscrew their E-commerce store, which 2 months after launch is still a living monument to the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

    Get your money back & get a better product.
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    ....I guess I shouldn't hold my breath on Daz. Installers working on Lion or above??? But the new iPhone is coming and I wanna get out of Snow Leopard and into the iCloud!:confused:
  9. Tutor, Sep 22, 2012
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    Blender is marvelous and runs on OSX, Windows and Linux, whether 32 or 64 bit, whether on old or the latest hardware, and uses all available cores and threads. Last week I had WolfPackPrime0's 64 threads chewing on a Blender animation. Moreover, Blender's latest version has free network rendering software [ http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual/Render/Performance/Netrender ] . Additionally, Blender's latest build uses OCL from Nvidia and AMD cards to give an additional boost to cut render times. Blender's OCL chops enticed me into getting the GTX690. And to top it off, Blender is free, as are all upgrades. Blender its so good you'll feel like a cheat if you don't contribute to the Blender Foundation. You can do so by buying their training materials. Can you say, "Win Win?" I personally like the Silo modeler better because I've been using it for a long time. Silo will now set you back about $160, but years ago I purchased multiple licenses for under $100 each and they occasionally offer Silo for less. Kind of shocking how rapidly the costs associated with creating 3d animation is boiling down to just the cost of hardware and electricity, with software cost falling like a gigantic boulder.

    I wouldn't downgrade just to run Carrara, although I'm positive that you can do it.

    Forgot to give other credit due - WolfPack1 (32), WolfPack2 (24), WolfPack3 (24), WolfPack4 (12), WolfPack5 (12), WolfPack6 (12), WolfPack7 (12), WolfPack8 (12), WolfPack9 (12), WolfPack10 (12), WolfPack11 (8), as well as my four Mac Pros [one 2009 and three 2007] (40), lended their additional combined 212 threads for that project. WolfPacks were running Win 7 and Linux and Mac Pros were running Linux and OSX. So there were 276 (212 + 64) threads, running under 3 OSes, all additionally being assisted by OCL, working on that project. Overall, Blender is professional grade for free. Network renderer, however, is still getting needed improvements.
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    Jun 14, 2012
    Hi rantingrich,

    A few things to consider. You can no longer buy Leopard or Snow Leopard from apple online anymore and you may not even be able to get it from apple if you call. I have heard about people calling to buy Lion and not having success getting it. You made be better off getting it from a third party.

    I use Cinema 4D for all of my 3D and animation work and it is optimized to work with the better openGL support that apple has in lion and ML which gives it a considerable increase in viewport performance, I would assume DAZ would also benefit from better openGL support.

    openGL in Snow Leopard is 2.1 in Lion and ML it is 3.2 and with the way openGL has been implemented in ML it is supposed to be much easier for apple to get it up to 4.2 standard.

    Hope it helps.
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    Well I am well aware of DAZs LIMITATIONS! I have been using their 3d software since it was ray dream.

    I use Hex as my modeler on my quad power mac 5g and love it even with its weirdness.

    YES I KNOW I should move on to like MYA! Sheet I even have Lightwave 8 loaded on one of my machines, but I am a loyal old fool!

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