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Jan 19, 2002
I downloaded and now installing the blue bar is full and now is saying -16 minutes remaining? What should I do?

You need to acquire a flux capacitor, hit 88MPH, and go back in time 16 minutes. Otherwise, your install will never complete. This is a new feature.

Seriously, most of these types of issues are just time calculation issues. If you leave it for 20 minutes and don't see progress of any kind, you can start to be concerned.


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Sep 11, 2009
I am having problems with my app store purchase of Lion . I am using a Itunes gift card for 30 dollars and put in the codes and at first I just got the spinning indicator and then I closed the app after a period of time waiting and restarted the process and then it did not take and said my code was redeemed and unusable what do I do ? s
Should I have waited until I got a response from the servers because I am sure they are overloaded with download requests ?
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