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Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by Moonjumper, Sep 5, 2016.

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    One of the main reasons for switching to OS X from windows was to get away from all the nagging messages that popped up. OS X was free of all that, and so was iOS when it appeared a few years later.

    But now Apple are going the opposite way. There is an iOS update, so Apple is giving me a message every day. Dismiss that and a second one appears. Why?

    I never update my OS using only the device. I prefer to connect to my Mac and back up my iPhone or iPad before an update. So I hate that it fills my meagre storage with update files. Particularly as several times I have downloaded a large app at the same time as it is silently downloading the OS update, filling the device memory. The OS decides instead of stopping the update download, it will delete app files. Several times it has done that to an app called studio.HD. That app is no longer maintained and the expansion packs are no longer on their server. Therefore a much used app is now useless.

    My point there. I have switched off cellular data for Settings on my iPhone to try and avoid the OS download. Now every time I open the app, it gives me a pop up message.

    Please Apple, give us a button to say do not show this message again, on all messages. I hate nagging. I will no longer be impressed when you say at the press conference what percentage of users have updated. Many will have done it to stop nagging, not because they want it. That is not good for your customers.

    p.s. I really do like Apple. It doesn't mean they are perfect. In fact, they were nearer perfect in the past.
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    It seems there are nearly as many threads moaning about the nagging as there are nagging messages!

    Sorry, my search didn't find them.

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