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Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by irishgrizzly, Jan 12, 2015.

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    I've got a new SSD for my wifes Macbook Pro (2011, 13"). I've installed the drive and am using the OS recovery to get Lion on there. Later I'll upgrade to Mavericks, then use time machine to restore her files.

    I've used my own Apple ID to login while performing the OS restore. Am I ok later to sign out of mine and back in with hers after the Mavericks upgrade? Or are there any hoops to go through first?
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    In theory, if you are doing Internet Recovery, you shouldn't need the Apple ID to start internet recovery.

    You might need it later in the installation, but in that case it should be the Apple ID of the intended user (your wife).

    Some of the information on this is a bit confusing.

    But it appears that you are not installing OS X from the Mac App Store? From my understanding, you are installing the one that is linked to the serial number of the Mac.

    You should probably treat the situation the same as if you were selling your Mac and follow the instructions here (except if this is already your wife's Mac, then you can probably skip the part about deauthorizing the computer from iTunes):

    If you follow those instructions you should be o.k.
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    Nope.... you won't need to do a thing. That AppleID login just allows you to get the OS from Apple's servers and has nothing at all to do with what AppleID or iCloud accounts are later used on the machine.

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