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Nov 15, 2010

Is it possible to install Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar on 2004 17'' PowerBook G4? I got the PowerBook from eBay and it came with Panther. A friend of mine has the server and client versions of Jaguar which he will sell me for $20 next week.

I always wanted to try out Jaguar and so I wonder if it can be installed on this PowerBook.



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Oct 6, 2011
Chicago, IL
I do believe Bear would be incorrect in what he has said about things. I am currently running a Powerbook G3 Lombard and it has OS X 10.4 on it at the moment and runs it just fine. Albeit rather slowly.

That is a 333Mhz G3 with 384 MB of RAM BTW.

Nevermind I am an idiot. I misread things above. Disregard.
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Feb 8, 2010
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I am pretty sure Bear is correct. Installing older versions of OS X on machines that are newer than the OS doesn't usually work out so well. That's why Apple doesn't recommend/support doing this. You can (usually) only install the version that the Mac shipped with, as well as later versions that support it. Jaguar is from 2002, and the PowerBook is from 2004, so the OS won't have the necessary drivers and things like that.

Arcsylver, what you said is the opposite. You are running a newer OS when compared to the machine you are running it on. I don't think it works the same when you are going in the same direction, which is why PowerPC Macs that couldn't officially run Leopard could do so with third party programs. I suppose you did the same? Wikipedia says that Lombard PowerBooks could only officially run Panther.
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