OS X 10.7.5 in 2016!

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by GameGuru38, Apr 30, 2016.

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    is this still viable in 2016. Can someone still surf the web, listen to music, edit photos on this OS just fine? I want to get my wife her first Mac Mini but trying to do it on the cheap and bidding on a 2007 with SSD and 4GB but it looks like 10.7.5 is the latest you can upgrade to. She isn't a gamer, just does what I said above. Will this work well for what she needs?
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    I'm still running a modded 2006 Mini with a spinny HDD & 4GB ram on 10.7.5 as our home computer. I have found that using Opera is a better experience than using the (old) native Safari with the exception of wanting to open a PDF where you need to right-click & download the file to see it in Preview.
    Also found that using the free Memory Clean by fiplab helped too but that may be something to do with my specific setup.
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    I still use OS X Lion almost daily though I have two other newer macs with OS El cap and Yosemite on it. OS X Lion will only run on older hardware and there are plenty of used gear that is still good, so OS X Lion is ok. Best thing to do is to use another browser like Opera or Firefox instead of the old Safari due to security reasons and most people will be fine with Lion.
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    If you put a SSD in it, make sure to use a "Trim Enabler" program with it. There are free ones out on the net that are compatible with OS X Lion. It will fly!
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    Mozilla Firefox and Opera are still supported on 10.7.5. I'd say that 10.7.5 is still very usable. You can also try Vivaldi for Lion. It's a new browser.
    You can edit photos in Gimp and Photoshop. Pretty much everything works on 10.7.5 except Google Chrome, which I used to use.

    It's sad to see how Apple has dropped OS Support even for Lion. I miss old Apple that released new OS'es every two years.
    It'd be awesome if Lion was still supported and there would be like 10.7.8. I quite don't understand why Apple is doing this what it's doing now. We don't need a new OS every year. I mean for real, what was the point of Mavericks? Couldn't they add new features via updates to Mountain Lion or make a better new OS in 2-3 years?
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    Would be nice, but marketing totally runs Apple now. Unfortunately, Apple kind of cause this problem and have trained customers to expect "New" everything (version, models etc.) at least once a year. Good and bad, but in the case of OS's not so good. Stats show people tend to buy when there is something "New", just like if you put "Sale" on a tag or window.

    I actually liked OS X Lion and ran good for me (still use it). I am hoping that Apple instead decides to not put out a new OS for this year and just extend El Cap for another year and to make it solid. Still half baked.

    OS X Mountain Lion probably should have been Mavericks...but they ran out of cats for the future and looked like they wanted to implement changes, including personal etc. at the time.
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    Unfortunately, Apple's behaviour has made buy my next computer a PC.
    I remember, when Lion was about to come out, I expected one of the new features to be Siri in it and notes and reminders app as well. Pretty much Mountain Lion was what Lion should have been. What's more depressing is that older Macs (Macbook early 2008) can run Mountain Lion perfectly with a little hack. It doesn't even lag or anything. It just works. I believe Apple could support older MacBooks, but they just don't want to. I understand it's to get people buy new computers, but I feel like 1200$ for White MacBook was a complete waste of money. I mean my old PC from 2003 can run Windows 10. It runs it normally.

    I also have a MacBook Pro from 2010 and thank God it can run the latest release, if Apple suddenly doesn't decide to drop the support for it.
    Also, great that I bought iPad Mini 2, not 1st gen, because the first one will lose the support I've heard. I don't really use an iPad, but …yeah.

    Why Apple can't be like Microsoft in terms of the support? Why can't they even announce it publicly ?
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    I'm still running 10.8 due to work-critical software limitations with 10.9 onwards. It's all working just as well as El Capitan though I'm about to ditch Safari for Firefox as the lack of support is starting to hurt. Safari in 10.8 doesn't do Facebook 360 photos, and I would guess neither would Safari in 10.7.

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