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    Hello all,

    I did some searching around Google and this forum but couldn't find anyone asking specifically about this. I have an unused late 2006 2.33GHz MBP Core 2 Duo with effectively 3GB RAM and I have been wanting to get a RAID file server. I was going to buy a Synology but it occurred to me to do it with my old MBP.

    I just would like to explain what I am planning to do, so if there are any problems, someone might be kind enough to point them out to me. So, here it goes:

    -Using MBP as brains.
    -Computer has ExpressCard34 port.
    -Using dual port LaCie SATA II Expresscard34 for maximum throughput.
    -Plugging an eight-bay enclosure into one SATA port.
    -Enclosure will have four 4TB HDs in a RAID 10 array (possibly expanding it to six or eight down the road).
    -Will use native Disk Utility app to format RAID array.
    -Will have an ASUS (top quality) wireless AC USB 3 dongle attached to a USB 3 to SATA converter which will be plugged into other ExpressCard port, so the slowest link in the WiFi chain will still be the wireless AC transmission rate.
    -Will just run the RAID array as the disk that is used for the AFP fileshare I've set up locally.

    I think that's everything. I want to make sure that RAID 10 is expandable. I did some Googling about it but am still a bit fuzzy. It seems like it's dependent on whether the controller chip on the enclosure can handle it.

    I looked into a couple other OSes that are created primarily for NAS purposes, namely NAS4Free and FreeNAS 8, but neither of them seem to provide me any additional benefit over using AFP on a Mac, considering what I intend to do. And by using OS X, I can have the file server computer still run as a regular Mac and be used as such.

    Also, I'm curious if there are any enclosures that are best for Macs (can't imagine why) or if anyone considers any specific enclosure brand to be "top notch" and why.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    EDIT: This is the enclosure I've been looking at: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA8T934G2247
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