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Discussion in 'macOS' started by satans_banjo, Oct 9, 2005.

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    i've searched for this topic, but i can't seem to find it. anyway, what does everyone think about Jobs' refusal to sell copies of OS X for installing on any old computer? for example, is it a good idea not to let people boot OS X on their Dell, or a home-built PC?


    my view is that, as a mac user, i want OS X to be the dominant OS. obviously it is better than windows but if more programs were designed natively for OS X (i mainly mean games) then more people would make the switch and windows would effectively be a thing of the past. i believe the reason more people don't make the switch is because they have to buy a mac to get OS X. OS X is the reason people buy a mac, but they would be afraid to spend lots of money on purpose-build mac machines. if mac was available to install on any computer (obviously meeting minimum specifications) then more people would make the switch. if they could boot it alongside windows then they could have a small period of testing it out with windows as a safety net (because they're familiar with it) and they would eventually make the switch. obviously with the demand increasing for OS X-compatible software such as games, developers would see this and make OS X-compatible software because they're in there to make money. simple economics. that's why i would like to see OS X booted on home-built machines (and i don't mean from dodgy hacks and pirated software)

    there's mine, what are your views?
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    This topic has been discussed repeatedly in the past.

    Jobs believes Apple is a hardware company. OSX would probably become bloated if it had to have drivers to support all kinds of hardware.

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