OS X broken by dead mouse battery

Discussion in 'macOS' started by arogge, Jun 3, 2005.

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    Feb 15, 2002
    My Mac crashed today because of two dead batteries in the trackball. First off, the batteries had a Duracell label, but were marked "Made in China". Normal Duracell AA batteries are Made in USA, so Logitech might be using Duracell knockoffs which don't last as long as normal batteries.
    OS X should have a redundancy so that one control failure does not interfere with the system. Microsoft Windows v.3.11 still works if the PS/2 mouse is unplugged; all menu and window functions can be accessed through the keyboard. OS X, however, decided to crash. Using Mouse Keys didn't work because the mouse cursor had disappeared. :eek:
    First, the Printer Setup Utility froze, leaving the document I was printing stuck in my printer. Rolling the invisible mouse cursor to the top-left of the screen, I tried to Shut Down from the Apple menu, but ran into one of those annoying errors about how some application has cancelled logout and to please try again. :( I tried closing all applications, but because OS X doesn't seem to provide CTRL functions, like CTRL+K for OK, I couldn't access some drop-down boxes to exit the applications since they either needed to be clicked on (Command+Tab accessed the application window, but not the drop-down box) or because the Enter key default was Cancel. I Force Quit all the applications and tried again to access the Apple menu, but the invisible mouse cursor was frozen somewhere. I did a Command+Shift+Q and was able to log out, but couldn't access the Shut Down or Restart buttons from the GUI login window. I tried replacing the batteries, but the mouse cursor didn't reappear. I finally got a backup mouse, and after plugging that in, the cursor reappeared and I was able to log back in. The printed manual from Apple says nothing about handling a control failure by using the keyboard. How do I use OS X applications without a mouse? On a similar topic, how do I turn off the floating windows that slowly come down from the top of the screen? Why can't the pop-up boxes be fixed with no lengthily animation? How do I turn off all OS X animations? Where's the Stop-A equivalent? How do I bypass the GUI and drop to a command line so I can issue a power-off or reboot command? Why is this information not in the printed manual that came with the product? :confused:
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    May 30, 2005
    I can't help with all of that, but for most dialogue boxes hiting cmd-[first letter of button] works. Remember that cmd-option-escape force quits apps, that should work fine without a mouse. You can also try turning all of the Universal Access features on to get more keyboard controls.

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