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    I am ex-pc user who is planning to buy iMac 21 next month...

    I have one really basic question: In windows from time to time I have made a clean install of the windows sysrtem, that means, I was going through the whole install procedure, where I was able to format the disks, and then made new clean install.

    Is that possible on Mac in similar fashion? I will have iMac with fusion drive...

    Also, is there any option to easy make partitions on that fusion drive, for example, to have one 256G area just for the system and apps, in the case, if I want to make clean install maybe after one year and leave other part of disk untouched (data)?

    I hope I was clear with questions...


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    Yes it is possible to do a clean install on a Mac. Just follow this.

    You can add one partition to the Fusion drive that will be placed on the hard drive portion of the setup. Lots of info at this link.

    That said, OS X segments user data pretty well into your personal /Users folder and there is not really a need to keep data on a second partition. You can easily just copy that folder to an external drive if you want to clean install.

    Normally, unless you have really messed things up, there is no need for regular clean installs IMO.
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    Over time OS X has over time shown an lack of support for the partitioning the way Windows did. Sure they have BootCamp with Windows drivers for all the equipment drivers that are in your Mac. IMHO any more partitions and OS X. starts to fall apart.

    So unless you plan to play Windows games I would suggest getting VMWare's Mac Fusion. It is slick an very stable to run both sytems at the same time. This way you don't have to partition a SSD!

    Plus as a new Mac user I would suggest the Mac App Store and MacUpdate.com.

    Lastly since most modern Macs lack a CD/DVD/BluRay drives. To get the most update of Windows download it from Microsoft's Dowload Store and make your own USB installer in Windows according to this video.

    Now if you want to watch BluRay movies get a USB BluRay drive and the Mac software Mac BluRay Player.

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