OS X crashed...Safe Boot Won't Work, Can't Normally Boot, Can't Boot From CD...

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by dascorp, Jan 3, 2009.

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    Jul 13, 2008
    So I had my Windows Partition going via bootcamp until yesterday, when my younger brother used my Black Macbook (2.4 GHz? 2 G Ram) and like always he ruins it. So today I went to bootcamp assistant and I restored it, so the computer was 100% mac. Then, I made another 25 Gig Windows partition, and while I was installing that, my computer ran out of power, so it shut off. I put it into the wall, and then when I tried booting into OS X, it would get stuck on the Grey Screen with the Apple on it. The Windows Partition never fully installed, so that was gone too. I Then Put in the Leopard install disc, and I used disc utility to check out my disc. It advised that I erased my disk, and I did, after all, there was nothing too important on my computer, and I have time machine. Then, I put in the Leopard install disc again to install Leopard fresh, but it won't get to the disc. I hold Shift to go into safe mode and it won't do anything. I do command + s to get to single user, and it wont do anything. I hold C and it wont do anything. It always ends up with me at the gray screen. I tried holding Option to see what I COULD boot off of, and nothing showed...not even my install disc. I tried everything I could (PRAM, NVRAM, Took Out Battery..ect) but my limited 15 year old brain could not figure this :(

    Someone pleaaaaase help...my computer is like my baby and it is completely obsolete right now. I was also thinking about something with Firewire? I'm typing this message on my iMac, so I do have another one I can try to use as a host to get in and fix it.

    Thanks! :apple:
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