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Jun 10, 2013
Not sure if it's directly related to 10.10 (currently have 10.10.3) but almost every single day my MacBook Pro "freezes" up, and I've noticed if i slam down on the esc key for 15-20 seconds it will "unlock" and I can get back to doing whatever it was prior to it freezing.

It's like the entire system locks up, and I can't select another running App from the dock (it doesn't respond), or use the keyboard shortcuts for Force Quit since the menu bar has frozen too.

I've noticed it's happened quite frequently with Safari in use (v8.0.6). Extensions I have installed are Adblock, Ghostery, & Reddit Enhancement Suite.


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Mar 11, 2013
Shut it down (by holding the power button until it blacks out if necessary) and try booting it up while holding down Command-Opiton-P-R to reset PRAM. Sometimes that can fix random annoying issues.

EDIT: hold those four keys down until you hear a second start up chime.

simon lefisch

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Sep 29, 2014
Worked for awhile, but it still locks up.
Try uninstalling your extension then adding them back one at a time (add one and use it for a while to see if it freezes). That may help to eliminate which extension (if at all) is causing the prob.
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