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Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by Buddygor, Jun 28, 2012.

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    So, my uncle is buying a new Retina MacBook Pro (lucky), and is bequeathing to me his mid-2006 (or, I'm not sure yet) early-mid 2007 MacBook. I will hear from him on Saturday (the 30th), what the actual specs are, but as a precaution- if it is indeed the 2006 (Core Duo) MacBook, how would I hack Lion onto it? I have seen many guides, but I don't HAVE a Core 2 Duo Mac to install from, and put the HD into the other one. (unless you count a 700MHz iMac G4:p) So as I REALLY want it, is there a LeopardAssist-type program out there? Wouldn't it be just as easy? Just make the installer think it's a Core 2 Duo? Or a Script or Terminal hack to tell it otherwise? Because I know that Leopard boots fine from a 700MHz G4, so it doesn't check for compatibility at startup. So? Does Lion? Doing this would help a TON of other people, I'm sure.

    Thanks a lot for your help (I'll soon post the specs, finger's crossed it's a C2D to begin with :D) PUT YOUR THINKING CAPS ON!

    Noah Budgor
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    If the system is indeed not supported by Lion, you're asking for hidden potential issues. Apple (every so often) does remove support code for older systems that are no longer supported by the current version of the OS. And you may run fine for a while, but one day you do something that runs into the missing code and if you'r elucky just the prgram crashes, otherwise the computer could crash.

    With PowerPC, the Macs didn't change as much around the support hardware so it using a newer OS was more likely to work for a while after support was dropped by Apple.
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    Many thanks!

    Thanks a lot. Looking at many comparison videos on YouTube, it seems even if Lion would run it would only bog it down. Finally getting an Intel Mac and having it run terribly? Nope! Thanks again, hopefully Snow Leopard has much more support in the future. :D

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    Snow Leopard is great. I would highly suggest that you stick with it. Lion feels a bit unpolished, and I'm just hoping that Mountain Lion fixes that and "completes" the Lion package.

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