OS X Mail and IMAP server sharing issues

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    Apr 27, 2015

    I have an IMAP email account which is not working properly. I can get everything to work fine between the server using webmail (via browser), my iPad and my iPhone but when I try to get it to work with my iMac via OS X Mail it just won't play ball.

    I can send messages, create drafts and delete messages via the web, iPad and iPhone and all the relevant locations sync across all devices. But if I open Mail on my iMac nothing other than the INBOX will sync. If I then send a message or create a draft via Mail new folders are created (that I can only see via the other devices and not via Mail) on my server but it won't put things into the SENT, DRAFT, etc locations that are already there on the server. I have looked to see if I can attribute the locations via the MAILBOX > USE THIS MAILBOX AS... menu option but this is greyed out for the Sent and Draft locations. Also I have checked in Preferences that Store *** in the Server check boxes are checked.

    I must be doing something wrong, but I seem to have followed the same steps that set it up successfully via iPhone and iPad. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for reading
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    I think I've sorted it.... In Mail Preferences/Accounts/Advanced the IMAP Path Prefix had been set the INBOX, I've deleted this and now it seems to work.....

    Will tinker around with it tomorrow to make sure.....


    Okay it's working better but I now have duplicate locations on my server, so not sure how to remedy that.

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