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    Feb 3, 2013

    i have ordered OS X Mini server.Until i get it i'm making tests on my MacBook Pro.
    There are some questions which answer i don't know or know partially:

    1. There are two 1TB disks - how to make mirroring.In case that one of them fails to boot directly to another.Or which is the better backup approach which will not require in case of fail of the first disk to go to the colocation place?

    2. There os no firewall in the Server.app GUI anymore.As i read , the new PF firewall can be controlled thru Terminal or with IceFloor.Are there another suggestions for firewall?I'm using the Server w/out router.It acts as router.

    3.MySQL server/Firewall/ are not part of the GUI - so they make the administration of the server thru Server.app only impossible.Are there some smart suggestions of how to administer it w/out Terminal?
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    Hi cpuin,

    1. Use Disk Utility to setup a software RAID1. Just jump on YouTube, there will be videos showing how to do this. It's easy and gives you peace of mind. I do this on my 10.7 MacPro server.

    2. Sorry, not sure.

    3. May I suggest you install the MAMP stack - Mac, Apache, MySQL and PHP. This may not be the best answer but at least through phpMyAdmin you will be given access to MySQL in a better fashion. Check out http://www.mamp.info/en/mamp/index.html AND http://www.phpmyadmin.net

    Hope that helps,


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