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Aug 6, 2010
Seriously..this has happened 2 times for me, since I've upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion.... I had over 30 folders with a lot of apps in each of them. When I restarted my MacBook Pro, I realised that I had no folders left and all of my apps were randomly placed in a horrific mess.

Any suggestions on how to fix this or what's causing this?



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Mar 31, 2008
same thing here. Randomly happens and loses all that organization work.


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Mar 17, 2013
A fix....


There seems to be a feature in OSX, which checks for corruption in the db holding the Launchpad folder information. If it detects a problem, it deletes the folder db file. HOWEVER, it keeps a backup of the old file.

This is how I fixed it...
  1. Open the terminal app in Utilities. This should put you into your home folder.
  2. Enter the following: cd Library/Application\ Support/Dock
  3. In that folder you will see two file, one ending in .db, the other is .db.corrupt (your original db with the folders)
  4. Make a backup of the .db file just in case, delete it, then rename .db.corrupt file to .db
  5. Log out then back in and try the Launchpad. You should see all of your folders back

This is what fixed it for me, but Apple still need to sort this properly.

Hope it helps.

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