OS X pricing at university bookstore


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My family and I were by the bookstore at Mississippi State today. They don't have a real computer store, only some software and gadgets save for the HP iPod. I noticed the pricing on Tiger was $129.99. I asked the salesgirl if she knew you could get Tiger at the Apple education store for $69, and she was clueless, of course. Anyone else notice this discrepancy in pricing at a university store and the Apple store? You think Apple would try to promote even-keeled pricing in education settings.


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Nov 11, 2004
yep I have noticed this as well,
somethings at the campus computer stores are the same as apple online but some are higher. the stores do have to pay for rent, utilities and staff so they do have to make a profit. My U usually charges 7% on top of the edu institution pricing , which makes it about equal to Apple Online, the other big school in town charges what they pretty much feel like, they are still selling iPod mini for $315 while it is $225 with student discount everywhere else. :eek: , and they charge $149 for Tiger where as the edu price is $89 :mad:


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May 23, 2005
Great White North
I got iLife '05 for twenty dollars cheaper (reg student price) at my Uni store than through the Mac educational online store.


Tiger's $5 more at the Uni store though


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Feb 15, 2005
quackattack said:
Just $15, it is an amazing deal. Oregon not Ohio. ;)
Ok, everyone, on the count of 3---

3......2.....1.... DUUUHHHH uaaerospace!!!!!!

I should have read your location on the left. :D

That is a great deal though.
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