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Apr 3, 2009
One thing I love about windows, is that it saves the display preferences automatically, for every setup you have, 2 monitors, 3, 4, one turned off, etc.
Every time you arrange them in a order, it saves the order for the plugged in monitors.

Right now, i have 3 external monitors plugged in to my macbook pro, and every time it goes in standby, or i accidentally flicker the cable, or simply reboot. Boom display preferences gone, and you have to, turn off mirroring, and reorder 4 monitors, take about 4 minutes, but its annoying to do every time it goes in standby.

Is there a way you tell OSX to save the preferences for displays ? Or a script that can be made to execute every time it resets ?

Its crappy that window handles this so well, but mac lacks big time in the multi display department.


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Aug 24, 2013
Far from here

I do not have this issue with a MBP and an external EIZO monitor.

Use Disk Utility to repair the permissions and see if this helps.

(I first suggested to test in another account, but the display preferences (the way you arrange them in a order) are not per-user, so I was wrong).
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May 22, 2013
Nobody else has this. Display order, size, and orientation are preserved. I have 4 different models, using anything between Snow Leopard and Mavs. Multiple external displays on each.

All my systems remember their settings upon connection/reconnection of any display.
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