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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by famous600, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Currently have a Mac mini and recently had a drobo 5d directly attached and running osx server. It was very easy to set up access using osx server and what users can and can not access. Now I am looking at an 8 bay drobo NAS that would be connected to my router. Would it be possible to set up permissions on the NAS using OSX server? Thanks!
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    i don't know about that, but almost certainly it will be slower (network transfer speeds wise) than a DAS going through osx server
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    Wrong approach, you should either: add more disks to tour OSX SERVER or full replace it with an NAS and setup each user on the Nas.

    On other hands wait next Apple event it's aimed at Mac and iPads, it's possible also Apple will announce an ARM based mini osx Server similar to that multi disk appliance very popular now.
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    As others have said, you don't want to do this. And actually you can't -- it won't work. OS X Server will only share (and control access permissions of) drives connected to it. A NAS is in itself a server computer and is independent of the OS X server system.
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    Others here have given you good advice and facts - DAS is a yes for direct OSX server control and NAS is not for the most part. There are ugly work arounds but it is really not worth it. Consider getting another external DAS with more drives or at least drive space that you can populate later.

    I have both Mini with DAS and 2x NAS units. The NAS units have a web front that I can set permissions but it is not the same as permission control from the Mini's admin control. Many of the SOHO NAS units have pretty granular control if you decide to go this route - Synology and QNAP come to mind. I admit I am not a huge fan of Drobo but that is another topic for another thread.

    What is your budget? There are small enclosures and large with connectivity via Thunderbolt 1 and 2, USB3, eSATA etc. I will most likely down the line get another DAS unit and retire one of my NAS units. I am looking at the

    Areca ARC8050 http://www.areca.us/products/thunderbolt.htm

    There are of course other makers to consider such as Promise etc. My take is you should read up on these storage units (DAS and NAS) and also sift through reviews and end user comments on them.

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