OS X Server newbie, need help with proxies...

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    Feb 11, 2013
    Greetings to all,

    First off, I'm a Mac user for about 4 years now. And my profession is web/desktop development, I'm not a network admin, and really have no desire in becoming one.

    But in my firm we have a big problem. Our server admin was fired, and a few weeks after he left OS X Server 10.5 started acting 'funny'. Biggest problem is that we can't recive or send email. At all.

    It doesn't matter what client we use, or whose service. Using different desktop programs for email and none of them work (opera, mozilla, apple mail, sparrow, etc.).

    Googling I found out that the problem is with proxies. So I said ok, I'm just gonna remove them from OS X server. I never used OSX Server before. Never. I found that it has squid installed (or squidman? not really sure about the name), and that little app is used to set up proxies.

    If I remove squidman, and remove proxy settings in networking, nothing happens. Just that our entire internet doesn't work anymore, not just mail.

    So I reinstalled and managed to set up things as they were before my intervention. Now we have our internet back, but mail still doesn't work.

    I really hope I have explained this well, coz this noob here could really use some help from more experienced user. I want to remove proxies totally from our network so everything functions like it should (Mail, internet, even steam (dont mention this to my boss, ok? :) ).

    Can anyone help me out here?
    Thanks in advance :)

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