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Discussion in 'macOS' started by beatsme, Feb 9, 2007.

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    just a few:

    it is possible to set up mirroring or RAID striping on XServe, correct? Do I have to use the Xserve RAID for that, or can I rig it to work with the internal drives? Most importantly, can someone point me toward some documentation about any of this? The more I can get my hands on, the better...

    thanks in advance
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    Mirror and stripe RAID configs are possible on both standard and server versions of MacOS X using normal drives.

    See this:


    It supports modes 0, 1, and concatenation (e.g. you have one big virtual disk but there is no striping or redundancy).
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    What's common practice when setting up Mac OS X Server (on an Xserve or other Mac in which you can install 2 or more drives), is using Disk Utility when installing Mac OS X Server to create a RAID 1 (mirror) of two identical drives.
    It works very well. :)
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    Disk Utility's RAID features are, of course, built in and free with it, but when I set up an XServe server, I used SoftRAID for the mirroring. It's not an expensive piece of software (around $50 if memory serves), and it has some nice features that OSX's built-in RAID software doesn't.

    It's not necessary, but it's worth at least reading over the documentation if you're considering an XServe RAID setup.

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