OS X Server v2.1 Update

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    What's New in Version 2.1

    The 2.1 update is recommended for all servers running OS X Server on Mountain Lion. This update includes general fixes that enhance stability, compatibility and security of your server. It includes specific fixes for:

    • managing DHCP service from within the Server application
    • iOS 6 device management support in Profile Manager
    • using the Server application to create a large number of users or groups
    • authenticating with Calendar Server when using an Active Directory account
    • renewing certificates for use with the Apple Push Notification Service
    • configuring DNS entries with second level domains and aliases
    • migrating from Lion Server and Snow Leopard Server

    For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:
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    Big CHECK on the DHCP settings.

    Still, you have to wonder why the h*** it was left out in the first place...

    Another huge CHECK:
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    What's new?

    - Mess up MAIL services big time. Nothing goes out, nothing comes in. Perfect solution for removing SPAM (removes every other mail message as well).

    Had to revert to TM backup to fix, took several hours :(

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